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Advanced Office Services

We offer all the amazing services that a modern office should have. You can read below or click the link above for more information.

  • Mailroom, Messaging and Digimail
  • Managed Print Services and Print rooms
  • Records and Storage Management
  • Front of house services (Reception, Switchboard Operation, etc.)
  • 3rd Party Management

Document Lifecycle Management

The document lifecycle is the chain of steps that a document goes through from its starting point to its end. Nowadays, all documents should be visual, backed up online or filed on the computer or hardware. More than that, we also help you to manage your document better with an automated process that helps your office life much more organized, reduce your expense of employees just in the document process and a lot more convenient benefits.

Suitable processes throughout the document's lifecycle are a considerable part of enterprise content management (ECM), a set of procedure that helps an organization acquire, manage, maintain and accomplish information which is important to its operation in the most effective possible way.

The document lifecycle is also crucial for enterprise document management (EDM), an arrangement for restructuring an organization's documents and digital papers so they are easy to recover in the event of a compliance audit or subpoena. Introspections about EDM include how long documents should be maintained, where they should be stocked, how changes can be tracked and how they can be retrieved after a disaster.

  • IMA – Input Management Automation
  • DMA – Document Management and Archival
  • IDP – Intelligent Document Processing
  • DOM – Document Output Management

Secure Digital Communication


  • Personal information remains confidential
  • Protect yourself, your company and your customers
  • Simplifies your monthly workflow
  • Reduces your printing, packing and sending costs
  • Save costs and time
  • eGovernment made easy
  • Authorities simplify their processes


  • Inca Mail
  • Digital Certificates and Electronic Signatures

Clinical Processing Outsourcing

Click on the link above to know more about:

  • DBSA's clinical processing outsourcing
  • DBSA's mission
  • Core clinical services such as Medical Management, Workers’ Compensation, Disability, Other Services.
DBSA and MagRabbit Managed Services Footprint
DBSA and MagRabbit Managed Services Footprint
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