Document Lifecycle Management

MagRabbit helps you to manage your document better with an automated process that helps your office life much more organized, reduce your expense of employees just in the document process and a lot more convenient benefits.

Document Lifecycle Management

Archive Management and Live Filing Services

Flexible access and management of archives and files is a key success factor for customers looking to outsource their archives. Archive Management and Live Filing Services allows you to remain completely in control of your documents. At any time you can login, using a personal password, and view statements; control users who are able to access your files; check who is accessing your documents, when they are accessing them and how frequently; and instruct them how to handle your documents.

  • Skilled records professionals
  • Software and technology solutions
  • On-site live file management
  • On and off-site document scanning and digital archiving
  • Management of off-site records storage and retention
  • Secure destruction and “deep storage” arrangements
  • Access control and compliance management
  • Maximising cost efficiency of archiving
Intelligent Document Processing

Document Imaging

Document imaging is an information technology category for systems capable of replicating documents commonly used in business - wiki

  • Analyse your business processes
  • Define and categorise your documents (volume, value to business benefit of digitising, etc.)
  • Develop a transition roadmap, including a business case for implementation
  • Define an operations model that will standardise, centralise, and digitise services across geographic and business functions boundaries
Document Output Management

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